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Senior Director, Post-Secondary Access & Success

Anne Daniel joined YPIE in 2015 and is the Interim Senior Director of Post-Secondary Access and Success.  Anne has successfully ushered hundreds of first-generation students through the college admissions process and worked to develop relationships with selective colleges.

Anne has a long history of working with and advocating for students. For several years, Anne provided drug and alcohol prevention education to students, parents, and educators for Caron Treatment Centers throughout New York area schools. Anne was elected to the Community Education Council of District 2 in New York City (CECD2) and served as Treasurer from 2007-2009. In her former life, Anne made documentaries for National Geographic and Discovery.

Anne graduated with a B.A. in History from Emory University and earned her Masters in Counseling from Mercy College. She loves reading, traveling, and is a tennis fanatic.

914-377-4882 x121

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