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YPIE Students Receive Early College Admissions!

We are very proud that many of our YPIE Seniors have received early acceptances to college! Our students have been accepted to many schools that were high on their lists, including Binghamton, CalTech, Columbia, Emory, Ithaca College, Lehigh, University of Michigan, MIT, Northeastern, Penn State, and University of Pennsylvania.

With deep commitment, focus, and support from our dedicated YPIE College and Graduation Coaches, these 12th graders spent much of the end of junior year and the beginning of senior year writing persuasive essays, preparing for standardized tests, and challenging themselves with rigorous coursework.

We were also thrilled to have more than 40 students from across Yonkers Public Schools attend our recent YPIE Alumni Interview Day in January. Our thanks to the alumni interviewers who joined us from Brown, Columbia, Georgetown, Lehigh, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale, for this day of college interviews for our YPIE students.

These are just the first of many more college acceptances for our YPIE Seniors. Stay tuned…

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