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The Celebration of Females

By Khadija Dewan, YPIE Scholar 2028

She is brave, courageous like a lion.

She is resilient, she will never stop trying.

She is unstoppable, just as the sunrise.

She is brilliant, her limits are the skies.

She is wondrous, inside and out,

Stunning in her appearance, her character, there’s no doubt.

She is incredible, knowledgeable, and independent,

A marvelous being, her existence a transcendence.

So who is this woman, the definition of perfection,

With confidence, beauty, and a heart filled with affection?

Who is this woman and where can she be found?

She surrounds you everywhere, if only you’d look around!

She is my mother, my sister, and my aunts!

My grandmothers, my friends, and everyone who’s fought,

For our freedom, well-being, and for a better life,

With bravery and dedication, all to end strife.

She is Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and Amy Tan,

Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and every woman who has a plan!

Every woman who has initiative, love, and good intent,

Thus even the less-known we mustn't forget.

So this month, we celebrate our women and girls,

These lovely humans who have brightened and altered our worlds.

These females who have fought continuously and strived,

And these females who our children have looked up to all their lives.

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