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Updated: May 24, 2021

Research: Hydroponics as an Innovative Technique for Crop Growth: a Comparison Study Between Geoponic and Hydroponics Systems

Mentor: Joel Rodriguez

Research Location: The Science Barge


The population of the world is constantly growing which can cause food to become scarce in some places and in others the price rises very high. New ways of farming are being developed in order for crops to be produced. Hydroponics is a type of farming developed to use less space and produce more food. This system can not be used with certain types of plants and nutrient levels are not consistent. The purpose of this experiment is to find if a hydroponics system can produce the same or greater results when compared to a traditional soil (geoponic) system. In my experiment I plan to compare three systems: a Deep Flow hydroponic system (DFT), a Nutrient film hydroponic system (NFT) and a geoponics system (soil farming). I will be looking at the square footage, plant yield, electro-conductivity (EC) and pH, as well as the cost of each system.. I expect that the hydroponics systems will produce better results in terms of square footage, cost, poundage of crops, ph and ec than the geoponics system except at the cost of each system. Hydroponic systems take up less space and produce greater crop yield so it will have better results in square footage, ec and ph, and poundage. A geoponics system does not use electricity, unlike a hydroponics system, so cost is expected to be lower. In one paper (Roy et al.) results showed that the hydroponics system had better results than the geoponics system in terms of plant height, number of leaves per plant, leaf length, leaf breath and yield per plant. Five treatments were used and each of the four hydroponic systems produced greater (put at the end than the geoponics system.The purpose of this research is to find ways in which food can be grown cheaper and use less space, so that it may one day be replicated for use in other circumstances.

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