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Updated: May 25, 2021

Research: How Local Culture Affects Obstetricians Emergency Decision Making

Mentor: Jennifer Teubl


Giving birth is a universal experience, yet there are many different cultural beliefs and practices in regards to childbirth. The intention of this research is to find the connection between local, cultural and emergency childbirth surgery which has not been studied in depth before. Data was analyzed from two databases: The WOMAN Risk study and WOMAN. The authors recorded the Cause of Hemorrhage, Uterine Atony, Surgical Trauma/tears, Placenta Previa/accreta, Age, Uterotonic prophylaxis given, blood loss, full delivery of the placenta and type of delivery. For the purpose of this study, geographical region, postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), blood loss, and full delivery of the placenta was considered. In the WOMAN risk database, it was found that Asia had a higher percent of hysterectomies at 6.80% in comparison to Africa, Europe and Americas. Africa had the highest percentage of PPH at 63.50%. Europe and the Americas have the lowest percentage of hysterectomies at 2.65% and also had the lowest percentage of PPH at 5.64%. In regards to full delivery of placenta postpartum, hysterectomies had a higher percentage of a full delivery of Placenta to Hysterectomies at a ratio of 90.23%:4.41%. Asia had the highest percentage of hysterectomies showing its lack of preventative measures. Preventative measures include medication and manual massage that stimulate uterine contractions, as well as blood transfusion and removal of pieces of the placenta that remain in the uterus. Europe and America had the lowest percentages of hysterectomies and PPH, which shows that these countries have obstetricians who perform more relative decision making. These results give insight on how to improve maternal care in certain countries, as well as indirectly impacting the maternal mortality rate by giving a deeper understanding of what certain countries such as America and Europe are doing differently to countries such as Asia.

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