YPIE Scientist: Gian

Research: Attitudes Towards Cybersecurity & Cybercrimes Among Businesses

Mentor: Emnet


Over recent years many financial institutions have gone under attack by hackers. Unfortunately, these attacks are just isolated instances and can happen from across the globe. Such cyberattacks target businesses and often target smaller businesses because of the lack of protection they face when breaching their security. Furthermore, research suggests that those that invest and or focus more on their cybersecurity tend to have better outcomes against attacks. The way I would conduct my research is to go to the local businesses in my community or to go around Yonkers and ask businesses to take my survey. My goal for respondents is going to be 50 or more and the format I will be using for this survey is Attitudes Towards Cybersecurity and Cybercrime in Business or ATC-IB. After they answer the format, I will give them some questions like How many cyberattacks do they experience yearly, what is the severity of the cyberattacks they experience and finally ask what kind of cyberattacks are used on them the most. I have yet to conduct my research and gather my own data, however, the results that can be expected are that businesses will start to have a more positive attitude towards cybersecurity and will hopefully take the looming threat of being a victim of a cybercrime seriously. In conclusion, the purpose of this research is to help businesses with whatever data that I gather.

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