YPIE Scientist: Asiyah

Updated: May 24, 2021

Research: The Role of Fibrinogen in White Matter Vs. Grey Matter Atrophy


Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is typically caused by the buildup of amyloid plaques and tau tangles. However, several studies have shown that AD can also form when fibrinogen gets into the brain through the blood-brain barrier (BBB), destroying dendrites and dendritic spines either by binding to amyloid beta, or even by itself. The BBB has different properties in different sections of the brain, specifically in white matter and grey matter. Fibrinogen will be injected into white and grey matter in the brains of mice, which will then be monitored for cognitive decline and dendrite and dendritic spine elimination. Fibrinogen will also be injected into human tissue samples of grey and white matter, and dendrite and dendritic spine elimination will also be monitored. It is expected that there is more dendritic spine elimination in grey matter. It is also expected that cognitive impairment in mice injected with fibrinogen in the grey matter will be greater. The results of this experiment can aid in future research for prevention of AD through fibrinogen.

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