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YPIE Scientist: Ariday Vera Galicia

Updated: Jun 4

Research: Assessing the Effect of Eutrophic Lake Water Quality on Macroinvertebrate Richness

Mentor: Dr. Begley Miller

Research Location: Teatown Lake Reservation


About sixty-five percent of estuaries and coastal waters in the United States that had been studied by researchers were moderately or severely degraded by excessive nutrients, eutrophication. The excessive nutrients had caused an increase of toxic algae blooms and low-oxygen waters. This as a result has become a factor to the deaths of living organisms, such as macroinvertebrates, within the bodies of water. 2 This study was conducted at the Teatown Lake Reservation in July to early August of 2023. Three lakes (Teatown, Vernay, and Shadow) located in the vicinity were used for the collection of data. They were tested for water quality using a water probe and macroinvertebrate quantity using a kicknet and plastic container. Each lake was sampled 8 times in the span of a week, and any additional study needed for another week. Different factors of the water quality were looked at in relation to the quantity of macroinvertebrates found. It was found that there was no statistical significance between the dissolved oxygen and macroinvertebrate richness, and the total dissolved solids and macroinvertebrate richness. The p-value of the dissolved oxygen and macroinvertebrate richness was 0.29 which was more than 0.05. The p-value of the total dissolved solids and macroinvertebrate richness was 0.59 which was more than 0.05. Any p-value that is greater than 0.05 indicates that there is no statistical significance, therefore the hypothesis would be rejected. There was shown to be no effect of water quality factors to the richness of macroinvertebrates in the lakes tested.

About this Scientist:

Surbhi Singhal is a junior enrolled in the BioChem magnet at Saunders High School. Her interest in biology was first sparked in eighth grade living environment and she has the privilege of exploring biotechnology and molecular biology through her magnet program and summer internships at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. In the future, Surbhi hopes to conduct epigenetic research and its applicability in medicine.

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