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Regeneron Volunteers Share Journey to Science Research with aspiring YPIE Scientists

Volunteers from Regeneron gathered virtually with YPIE Science Research Scholars to share their experiences and answer questions about pursuing a career in science research during their annual “Regeneron Day for Doing Good.”

Regeneron volunteers met with YPIE students enrolled in YPIE Regeneron Science Research, a three-year intensive program in which students conduct in-depth original scientific research and earn up to 12 college credits.

The volunteers from Regeneron shared their tips and tricks for pursuing a career in science research, and demonstrated the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that can lead to a career in the field. Each volunteer met with small groups of 3-4 students where they were able to dive deeper into students’ personal scientific interests and provide tailored advice for completing their research projects remotely.

It was inspiring for students to see how scientists working at Regeneron have adapted to working remotely and the volunteers encouraged students to keep going with their research, despite the challenges presented by this new way of working and learning.

Jake Schofield, YPIE Regeneron Science Research Director, commented upon the meaningful impact that Regeneron volunteers have on YPIE students, stating “An important part of this course is learning how to navigate unfamiliar professional environments. This opportunity to speak to real-life scientists not only motivates our students, but also validates and empowers them as they pursue their own research projects.”

Our thanks to Regeneron for their generous support of YPIE and to all the volunteers who shared their passion for science and wisdom with our YPIE students! Learn more about this programs at

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