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YPIE believes that post-secondary success is key to creating meaningful and lasting improvements in the quality of life for our students and the communities where they live. Readiness for, access to, and persistence in college are essential to escape the cycle of poverty.

YPIE Scholars

The YPIE Scholars program prepares students for success in college and the 21st Century world. Beginning in 9th grade and continuing into college, YPIE Scholars is a comprehensive program that prepares students for college, helps them navigate the college application process, and supports them in their transition to college and beyond. 
In addition to receiving high school-based academic and social/emotional guidance from YPIE College Readiness Managers during the school day, students benefit from spending two afternoons per week after school and five weeks in the summer at the YPIE College Zone, and a four year relationship with an adult mentor.

YPIE Fellows

To extend our reach to students who are just starting the college process, students can apply in 11th grade to become YPIE Fellows to receive support with the college application process and their transition to the first 2 years of college.