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Our Impact

YPIE Releases Latest Impact Data:  February 2022

As national college enrollment sees significant declines, especially for students in low-income communities, YPIE students' college enrollment and persistence are impressive.

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YPIE 2021 Grads Enrolled in College
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YPIE 2021 Grads Enrolled in a 4-Year College
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YPIE 2020 Grads Persisted into their
2nd year of a 4-Year College

YPIE actively engages more than 1,200 Students from 9th grade through the 2nd year of college, with the support of 20+ staff members and 235+ volunteers.


Students from Yonkers
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Students of Color
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Low-income students
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While college enrollments drop nationally, YPIE college and 4-year college enrollments remain high and steady; competitive college enrollments increased. 

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YPIE student enrollment in college, 4-year college, and competitive college outpaces similar peers.

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  • 90% of YPIE 2021 Graduates enrolled in college vs. 82% for similar peers

  • 80% of YPIE 2021 Graduates enrolled in 4-Year college vs. 73% for similar peers

  • 31% of YPIE 2021 Graduates enrolled in competitive college vs. 14% for similar peers

YPIE college students persisted in college at a higher rate than similar peers.

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  • 72% of YPIE 2020 graduates persisted into their 2nd year of a 4-year college vs. 60% for similar peers

YPIE students reflect the demographics of the Yonkers community.

1200+ students from 9th grade to the 2nd year of college
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90% of YPIE students are students of color
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80% of YPIE students are eligible for free or reduced price meals
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Thanks to the Yonkers Public Schools for our strong partnership and data sharing agreement, YPIE can continually evaluate our programs to maximize student impact.

* A 4-Year College as designated by National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

** A Competitive College is one for whom the admission rate on the most recent US Department of Education College Scorecard is 40% or lower

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