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YPIE COVID-19 Safety Plan

Guiding Principles 

1. We want our students and staff to be safe and feel safe


2. Our goal is to minimize the risk of anyone in our community contracting COVID-19

3. We want our community to have a clear understanding and level of comfort with our safety measures


4. We will continue to adhere and adapt to the latest science and data regarding appropriate safety measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19

The Plan - Remote Programming

  • The safest option is to offer remote programming that helps us reach our goals. By default, YPIE will be working remotely and offering virtual programs. 

  • At this time, no YPIE staff, student, or volunteer will be required to meet in-person unless they feel safe doing so and it has been approved by a manager.

  • Volunteers will not meet with students in person at this time.

The Exception - In-Person Meetings

  • By exception, when in-person gatherings have a clear and compelling benefit that outweighs the risks, such gatherings could occur as long as they adhere to requirements established on this website to use outdoor public spaces, the YPIE College Zone, the YPIE office, or YPS buildings - see links below

  • We will use the 6 categories outlined by the NYS Education Department (health checks, social distancing, management of ill persons, health hygiene, face coverings, and PPE, cleaning and disinfecting) to ensure that we are considering all possible preventative measures when interacting with others in person

  • Outdoor meetings should occur whenever possible

  • For students: parents/guardians must approve all requests for in-person work

  • For staff: managers must approve all requests for in-person work
Outdoor Public Spaces
The YPIE College Zone
YPS Buildings - TBD upon further guidance from the district


When would YPIE staff be seeing students in person?

  • A student needs to get an item or utility from us [a computer, other supplies, a space/wifi to do work]

  • Additional intervention (beyond video/phone call) is needed to keep a student ‘on track’ 

  • YPIE staff and students interact within the school building (if/when the district reopens for in-person learning)

Further questions? Please reach out to Eilis Klein at
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