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Resources to support college research

Create an account on College Greenlight.

1. Go to and Create Account.

2. When it asks "If you are part of a college readiness program, college success program, or charter school" Click YES.

3. Type in Yonkers Partner in Education and select that as an option.

4. Where it says "Include your counselors" choose your college advisor from the pull down menu.

Good places to start:

1. List of selective colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated need

2. SUNY 2019 Freshman Profile

3. CUNY 2019 Freshman Profile 

4. Watch this overview of the college process

5. Learning more about the downsides of for-profit colleges

Exploring Colleges Online



SUNYs (short for State University of New York) are not only great academic options but they also offer financially safe options for many of our students. Because financial aid is so specific to each family, please discuss​ financially safe options with your YPIE College Advisor. See EOP qualifications here. However, it is important to know that YPIE counsels our students to seek out affordable options in the college process. 

1. SUNY Plattsburgh

2. SUNY Oneonta 

3. SUNY Cortland

4. SUNY Stony Brook

5. SUNY Binghamton

Info sessions:

1. SUNY Albany

2. SUNY Binghamton

3. SUNY Oswego

4. SUNY Purchase


Selective Colleges:


What are selective colleges? Selective colleges are colleges where the majority of accepted students have a high GPA and high standardized tests scores. These schools often have high graduation rates (above ~85%), meaning most students who start at these schools finish with a degree, which make them good options! Take a look at virtual tours and info sessions from the following selective colleges

1. University of Chicago 

2. Williams College

3. Bowdoin College

4. Colorado College

5. Lehigh University

6. Franklin & Marshall College

7. Vassar College

8. Smith College

Info sessions:

1. Trinity College

2. Bowdoin College 

3. University of Chicago

4. Williams College

5. Franklin & Marshall 

6. Boston University

7. Smith College


CUNYs (short for City University of New York) are known for their upward mobility potential, commuting options and affordability. All students should plan to apply to the CUNYs.  


1. CUNY Baruch

2. Borough of Manhattan Community College (2 year school)

3. CUNY Lehman 

4. City College of NY (CCNY)

CUNY presentations

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